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Welcome!  I’m Lauren Goldstein, LCSW, an LGBTQ affirmative relationship & sex therapist specializing in helping individuals and couples navigate relationships & sexual issues at all life stages.  I work with reflective and curious people who want to connect more meaningfully with themselves and with others, and my practice welcomes people of all sexual and gender orientations and sexual minority groups.

I take a holistic approach and use warmth, depth, and humor to help you unravel patterns in your life that are causing you stagnancy and move toward deeper self awareness, connection, & satisfaction.  I provide video therapy sessions from the comfort of your home to clients residing in California & Colorado.



How I can help you....

I can help you to diminish self-defeating patterns that may be thwarting your growth and happiness.  I will support and challenge you on a path toward deeper insight and change, helping you live life from a place where you’re connected more deeply with yourself, your heart, and in relationships.


Some issues we might address together...


  • perfectionism

  • emotional regulation

  • anxiety and obsessive thoughts

  • sexual bocks & challenges

  • issues pertaining to sexuality, identity development, gender fluidity

  • creating open relationships

  • personal growth

  • overcoming insecurities

  • SHAME & how it interferes with your capacity to live a full life

  • concerns with body image

  • sexual desire discrepancy in couples

  • challenges with dating

  • aging and life transitions

If you’re ready to unravel some of the knots keeping you stuck in the same place in your life, I'll help you move forward in your life. Together we can discover who you are at you core, move you toward doing what you love, and have the life you want.  


CONTACT ME for a free 15-minute consultation. I can be reached at 310-226-8440 or at


Clients I work with 

Lauren Goldstein Relationship Therapist


If you’re curious about me, feel free to check out other sections of my website and contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.