Good Vibes from Colleagues

Lauren is an extremely wise, thoughtful, and empathetic person. A truly great listener but also very insightful when it comes to advice. She has a knack for remaining unbiased and presenting a (sometimes hard-to-hear) objective perspective in a caring and compassionate way. I have truly learned a lot in my many discussions with Lauren. She always holds me accountable for my role in situations and reminds me what’s real and probably most true. Would highly recommend her as therapist.

“I have worked together with Lauren Goldstein for almost 4 years. Lauren possesses uncanny insight into the dynamics of people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This is the result of personal intuition and years of intensive training and experience. She combines this insight and knowledge with a remarkable ability to create an empathic and trusting emotional bond with her clients. These skills underlie her unique talent to get to the heart of a problem and formulate an effective plan for therapy. Lauren is an active participant in therapy with her clients - she does not just “sit back and listen”. On numerous occasions she has provided insights which have helped me in my work. Therapists that combine all these talents are extremely rare. She is truly a pleasure to work with!!”
— Gily Chechel, MD, psychiatrist

Lauren is an exceptionally skilled psychotherapist. She is incredibly smart, empathic, compassionate, and insightful. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a therapist. She has a rare capacity to help people make meaningful change in their lives with an ease and grace that are remarkable.

“Lauren is incredibly adept at helping people recognize and repair maladaptive patterns, especially in those who are otherwise very highly functional. She has the right combination of intelligence, warmth, and humor to guide complex, passionate people to greater balance and harmony in their lives.”