Couples Therapy

Your relationship or marriage is no longer measuring up to your expectations.

You feel stagnant with your partner/s, long for growth, and are sometimes sexually frustrated.

You’re no longer “fighting fairly” and you often want to escape from the relationship.

How Couples Therapy Can Help

Couples therapy can greatly improve your communication patterns and create pathways of empathy and understanding so you and your partner can freely connect emotionally and sexually.  I have a holistic focus, and use my background training in psychodynamic therapy and Tantric and meditative practices to help you deeply connect with yourself and your partner on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.  I provide couples coaching and LOVE working with unconventional couples who are seeking to create a dynamic outside the box that works for you.

Communication Skills in Couples Therapy

Therapy can provide you relief from repetitive patterns of fighting and painful stagnancy by teaching you empathic listening skills, how to capably assert your needs, and how to communicate in a thoughtful and reflective manner so you can move forward in your relationship.  

Lauren Goldstein couples counselor West Los Angeles

Connection & Sex Therapy

Prioritizing the connection in your partnership and with yourself sometimes takes a back seat to more pressing issues, and you can take your relationship for granted, putting connection and sex on hold until a more convenient time.  My role is to help you reprioritize your connection with yourself and with your partner/s-- helping you to explore your sexuality and create space to view each other as sexual partners again. 

Issues to be addressed in Couples Work :

  • same sex couples

  • Discrepancies in terms of sexual desire and how to have an amazing sex life;

  • How to move toward deeper and more meaningful connections;

  • Moving past blocks in terms of fighting, feeling misunderstood, anger, resentment, and lack of sexual desire.

  • Polyamory, unconventional relationships, exploration of gender identity and sexual differences; open relationships

  • navigating sexual pain

  • How to develop intimacy and connection without losing your sense of self;

  • Issues around infidelity and open relationships;

  • Exploring multicultural and interracial relationships;

  • Healing from ruptures in trust.

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