Women’s Issues

You’re expected to maintain a fulfilling career, a passionate relationship, and a balanced home life without breaking a sweat.

A desire to do (be) your best has turned into an obsessive refusal
to accept anything short of perfect.

You feel pressured to excel and succeed in everything you do.

Have you ever been told your standards are too high?

Perfectionistic messages like you’re not good enough unless you’re perfect can sneak into our subconscious and erode our self worth. Listening to these internal messages can set us up for feelings of anxiety, self-criticism, and shame, often creating a disconnect from our true nature.   My focus is on helping you reconnect with your full self and develop acceptance and appreciation for your imperfections.  

In our work together, I’ll help you reflect on your past experiences in order to reintegrate parts of yourself that you previously deemed unworthy. 

Lauren Goldstein Los Angeles women's therapist perfectionism

How Relationship Therapy can Help 

Therapy can help by teaching you self acceptance and compassion, bolstering your confidence in yourself and teaching you skills to reduce overwhelm and anxiety. We all have our limits, and I’ll help you figure out where yours are – when to be curious and push yourself to create change, and when to be gentle and give yourself a break.  Together, we’ll peel away the layers of protection to reflect on your true experiences and help you develop compassion for yourself and an authentic self that radiates from this connection.

Issues we might explore include:

  • Perfectionism

  • Self-esteem

  • Redefining your identity, your body, and your relationships post pregnancy

  • Emotional Regulation

  • SEX and sexuality

  • gender fluidity

  • sexual trauma

  • intimacy blocks

  • LGBTQ issues

  • Grief and Loss

  • Body image issues

  • Personal Growth


Women’s Walk ‘n Talk Coaching

If you’re interested in a full mind/body workout, I offer Walk ‘n Talk Coaching sessions.  For active women looking for relationship advice, let’s get off the couch, start walking, and have some fun!  These sessions typically run about 1 hour ¼- ½ and provide you with the opportunity to get a great workout while also processing and exploring relationship issues. 

Coaching is all about movement - change- action, really.  I've found that rhythmic movement such as walking can improve the mind-body connection and helps you to literally get things moving.  Changing the environment often prompts change in feelings and allows for opening up and a shift in perspective.  

If my words resonate for you and you think I can be of help, please CONTACT ME for a free 15-minute consultation. I can be reached at 310-226-8440 or at