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My Training

Welcome!  I’m a licensed clinical social worker & a sex therapist with over a decade of experience providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples. I completed my undergraduate studies at Vassar (in New York), attended graduate school at the University of Texas (in Austin), and then migrated to Los Angeles to complete a 2-year post graduate certificate program in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  After finishing my graduate studies, I became a UCLA trained therapist in Couples and Sex therapy.  I have also been trained in emotionally focused therapy by Les Greenberg and completed a certificate sex therapy program at the University of Michigan.  To learn more about my work experiences, feel free to check out my Resume here.  I am licensed in California, Colorado & Oregon as an LCSW (CA LCSW 24555; CO CSW.09923852; OR L7618).  

My Approach to Therapy

I use a holistic approach and am attuned to mind/body/spiritual connections.  I focus on helping you diminish limiting beliefs that hold you back so you can make changes that help you become more integrated and lead a richer, more meaningful life.  I'm active in sessions, use humor to give you perspective during difficult times, provide you with honest and direct feedback, and challenge you to help you move toward your goals.  For more about how I work, feel free to check out my FAQs section. 

Learn More About Me

I’m always in the process of learning new therapy skills and doing my own personal work to grow as a human.  In addition to my therapeutic journey, I’ve explored several meditative and mindfulness traditions, including years of experience in Buddhist and Tantric practices.  Those practices have helped me to develop a more grounded approach to therapy, to be able to be present in my body, and to help others do the same.

When not working, you can find me spending time with loved ones or exploring the outdoors-– rock climbing, hiking, and traveling to beautiful and unique places.  


CONTACT ME for a free 15-minute consultation. I can be reached at 310-226-8440 or at