Women's Issues

I have a deep understanding of life transitions affecting women's identity, self esteem, and relationships across the lifespan. I’m passionate about helping women learn about themselves, cultivate full and meaningful lives, and thrive in fulfilling relationships and careers. Read More →


Couples & Sex Therapy

When you get caught in a frustrating circular pattern that keeps going around and round in your partnership, it’s time to get an outside perspective. As a Couples and Sex Therapist, I’ve helped many disconnected couples reconnect to create stronger, healthier, happier relationships and will work to do the same for you. Read More →



I’m an LGBTQ affirmative therapist with many years of experience working with clients across the LGBTQ spectrum. I’m dedicated to helping you foster self-acceptance and self-awareness, explore all things related to sex, work on personal growth, and explore and remove barriers to fulfillment. Read More →

Lauren Goldstein Relationship Therapist


If you’re curious about me, feel free to check out other sections of my website and contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.